Elderly Care

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Elderly Care

Choosing the right elderly home care provider in Mangalore can be an overwhelming task. There are many care options available. Deciding which one is right for your loved ones isn’t always easy.

WeCare's elder care services in Mangalore can allow your loved one to enjoy life in the comfort of their own home and remain independent for as long as possible. After a certain period, families and carers understand that they need help and begin to look for other solutions to take care of the elderly, which may include home care. Eldercare services for dementia usually mean allowing seniors and others to live in their own homes safely and healthy for as long as possible.

What we do?

We believe in taking care of your elders the way you take care of your family and we are committed to providing customized senior home care/elder care services to allow your loved ones the ability to age independently, gracefully, and comfortably in their own home instead of spending rest of their lives in an old age homes in Mangalore.

Elder Care Services includes:

- Monitoring heart rate and blood pressure
- Caring for wounds from injury or surgery
- Managing IVs and catheters
- Providing physical and cognitive therapies
- Educating patients and caregivers
- Providing companionship

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Elderly Care services at home | Wecare eldercare services
Activities of Daily Living:

- Dressing
- Bathing
- Feeding
- Toilet
- Grooming
- Oral Care
- Walking or Using a Wheelchair
- Providing companionship