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We provide Security Guard services in Mangalore to building contractors, apartments, business centres, software companies, hotels, banks, educational institutions. We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to your organisation as qualified professionals providing need-based and cost-effective security services. It is mainly focused on the current and future needs of our valued customers. Our WeCare team in Mangalore is expertise in managing all security services and resolve hazardous situations.


Listed below are the security services we offer at WeCare. Pick the one that best suits your business.

Manufacturing Plant Security

Whatever your business does, somebody may attempt to stop you or rob your inventions, innovations, concepts and prototypes. The presence of a safety guard will better prevent your manufacturing facility and all its belongings.

Building Security Service

During this period of economic instability, occupying buildings have become more common in many people's lives. A security guard at your residential or commercial vacant property will prevent that.

Executive Protection

Trade secrets, substantial cash contracts, confidential information and the need to make quick decisions can all make officials a target for assault. Executive Security guard in Mangalore will help you to feel more confident, secure and reduce the risk of injury.

Retail Security Services

Retail stores are likely targets for robbery, but having security guards prevents that and many other crimes. This can help the retail storekeepers to run more efficiently.

Construction site Security

As construction sites are mostly vacant during the night and on weekends, they are targeted for thieves. WeCare Security personnel will safeguard your valuable building commodities from missing.

Hospital Security Services

Sorrow and anxiety can make people respond stupidly. With a security guard at your healthcare facility, you can easily monitor any incident that otherwise might be out of control.

Financial Institution Services

Whenever the economy is tight, financial institutions are at higher risk of theft by desperate refugees seeking for a way to sustain financially. WeCare security guards will also secure financial and educational institutions from these incidents.

Govenment Official Security

Government work is a difficult job, bringing people at risk. Government officials may feel much safer in their day-to-day tasks with armed or unarmed guards.

Event Security Services

Some events cause pressure within the community people will always be there who're not supporters of your idea. Instead of worrying about spending your event, hiring security guards could let you enjoy the day.

Customers looking for professional security professionals to protect their assets should find a security service provider who can help reduce threats and provide high quality service. WeCare security guard services offer customers the opportunity to work with a team of trusted security consultants to help reduce vulnerabilities and threats. Our security consultants will help you develop security programs that are tailored to the specifications of your property.
WeCare Security services believes in a balanced approach to private security services and provides a wide range of services to private and public property owners. Our staff includes excellently-trained security staff who are following and implementing our policies and safety procedures. WeCare Security guards aim to make your environment safer, as there is a high level of crime in today's society.


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