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Bedridden Care

The state of being bedridden is indeed a harrowing and dreadful state to be in for any individual. However, when such a predicament befalls it is totally up to the patient’s family and loved ones to provide much needed care and most of all emotional support to the patient. The state of being bedridden brings with it absolute dependency wherein the patient is dependent on others for each and everything. From the beginning of each day, till they retire to sleep, the patients need constant supervision and someone to fulfill their needs.

At WeCare bedridden care services in Mangalore, we customize our program packages as per your needs and as that of your loved ones so that you have a good experience. We take care of your loved ones with love and care without reminding them of their dependency. We aim to provide them with a decent, dignified and happy lifestyle, taking all necessary measures to elevate their state to a better position every single day.

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Our trained staff providing bedridden care at home, ensures that the light housework, personal hygiene, medication and meal needs are met. We treat our clients as extended family and ensure to give them all the love, care and support they deserve. Being bedridden and helping a bedridden family member can be an extremely challenging task that requires a lot of time, energy and patience. However, it is also a time when members of the family strengthen their bonds by being there for each other and showing that they love and value one another. Thus, despite the fact that we take over these duties, we make sure that you spend quality time with patients and develop strong bonds with your family.

The elderly and bedridden patients often need assistance in tasks as that of bathing, toilets, oral hygiene and so on. We provide these facilities and ensure that the patient receives regular care at home. Some patients may require full-fledged care as they may be unable to stand, walk or sit. Lying in bed all day long may contain the risk of skin and underlying tissue injury or bed sores as a result of lying in one position. There might be circumstances where the patient may suffer from urinary and fecal incontinence and might require to wear adult napkins or diapers. Thus, changing these from time to time is also one of the tasks that caregivers will have to engage in. Also Check: World Class Home Nursing Services in Mangalore

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These kinds of ailments and patients suffering from them can be very sensitive. Moreover, it is quite draining to watch everyone else move around while one’s movement is restricted. Even if the patient wishes to move or engage in any task, the patient is not able to. For all these problems and the apt solutions to these, WeCare bedridden care in Mangalore is the right place to come to.

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leading company of bedridden care in Mangalore, we customize our services to suit the needs of your loved ones and provide a wide range of allied services as that of physical, emotional, household and pet care so that your loved ones can remain happy and comfortable within their own domestic space. Some patients also given their body type and health issue may require frequent light meals and snacks. Our caregivers ensure that such needs are met as well. As the range of physical activity of the bedridden patient is limited our caregivers make sure to keep them occupied, drive away boredom and lend support. The state of being bedridden can cause anxiety, depression and a feeling of disinterest. It is common for patients to have suicidal thoughts as well. Our staff providing bedridden care at home, ensures that patients are encouraged to be happy, told they are needed, loved and valued.

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