Mother And Baby Care Services

Mother And Baby Care

Motherhood is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life. However, with the joy of bringing into the world a new life, comes great responsibility and duty. The initial days of motherhood can be quite overwhelming for new parents and the new mother. There is an ocean of new experiences, so many factors to get used to, a whole lot of mental preparation and physical recuperation from birthing a child. It is in these times that the mother and her newborn need utmost care, attention and support. Thus, WeCare mother and baby care service in Mangalore is all set to assist and care for the new mother and baby.

The mother undergoes quite many physical and emotional changes post-partum as she has to care not only for herself but also for the newborn. We provide postnatal care to the newborn baby with our Nest Care Plan designed specifically to tend to the requirements of the new mother and the baby in the post-delivery phase. Quality home care is an absolute requisite post-partum so as to lessen complications and induce a strong bond between the mother and the baby. Research attributes utmost value to the role of effective postpartum care in the speedy recovery and good health of the mother and baby post-delivery. Our caregivers who are well experienced in the field of mother and baby care ensure to totally help the mother get accustomed to the new phase in her life and enjoy the journey of motherhood.  

Mother And Baby Care

Our services in mother and baby care include creating a bond between the mother and baby, answering queries and making clarifications about post-natal care, giving awareness on lactation, its techniques and postpartum hygiene and advising the new mother on how to take in a healthy and nutritious diet post-partum. Our plans for baby care in Mangalore consist of monitoring vital signs, providing warmth, taking note of meeting the baby’s needs, baby bathing, identification and treatment of minor baby ailments, ensuring proper feeding and intake of nutrition, keeping track of baby vaccination and providing medical assistance to the newborn. Baby massages with warm oil, palm pressure, induction of blood circulation, weight gain and health improvement are ensured. 

Our lactation and feeding guidance that takes up baby cues, movements and needs is in order to raise a well-fed baby with good immunity. An inadequate supply of milk in the mother is tackled with the prescription of a nutritious diet, good sleep and peaceful living. Preterm babies, babies with special care needs, birth defects, low weight at birth and so on are quite sensitive and require additional care with respect to health and growth than that of babies who are considered normal and healthy at birth. Our experienced neo-natal staff monitor baby activity, growth and recuperation on a regular basis so as to make appropriate changes in care plans and other requirement provisions.   

In addition to mother and baby care, newborn care, our company also provides the services of babysitting in Mangalore. It is understandable that in today’s fast paced life parents and family members have a hard time balancing their professional and personal spaces, specifically in that of caring for their children. Thus, WeCare through trained nannies offers to provide constant support and care for children when parents are away at work or busy with other commitments. Our babysitting services come with a promise of one-to-one care for your precious child, relentless attention and utmost safety. Entrusting your child’s care to our hands, you need not worry about anything at all. Clients are considered family and so we strive to deliver the best.     

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