Cardiac Care At Home

Cardiac Care At Home

Cardiac Care

WeCare offers the best cardiac care in Mangalore with a comprehensive cardiac care plan aimed to induce fast-paced and efficient recovery. Our cardiac care service at home is for patients suffering from various cardiac ailments and for those recovering from cardiac surgery. Cardiac diagnosis can bring with it a wave of uncertainty, various fears and apprehensions for the patient, the patient’s family and loved ones. But we are here to help you and your loved ones through testing times and provide necessary services.

With a fast-paced lifestyle, eating habits, rising stress levels along with many social and cultural changes have led to an increase in cardiac ailments, heart attacks and strokes. More so often it can be observed that these ailments are prevalent among the middle-aged group in addition to the elderly population. Hospital visits and prolonged stays at the hospital can be mentally draining for the patient as well as the patient’s family. And even more hard is the part where one has to get back home and transition into a normal lifestyle, incorporating changes that would prevent the recurrence of cardiac complications.

Cardiac Care At Home

Best Cardiac Care Service

Our cardiac care at home targets patients suffering from chronic cardiac disease, cardiac ailments and also those who are on the road to recovery from cardiac surgeries. At WeCare we offer facilities as that of cardiac monitoring, management of central venous lines, oxygen therapy, IV antibiotics, IV diuretics, medication management, diet and nutrition intake, ECG monitoring, laboratory services, physical rehabilitation and psychological counselling in case there is a need for the same. Going by a strict care plan, our caregivers make sure that all of the doctor’s instructions are followed and that a record of every single day in the recovery process of the patient is maintained. Our staff is absolutely agile and responsive in identifying symptoms, providing care and tending to all patients with cardiac care needs.   

In most cases, the first few days post-surgery can be quite crucial and may require constant monitoring as there would still be an air of uncertainty regarding health and cardiac complications. However, it may also be necessary to cut down on hospital time and recuperate in the comfort of one’s home with both physical and mental health being utmost priorities. And so, it is inevitable that one may need a helping hand in this process.  

WeCare cardiac care service comes with an assurance of specialized cardiac monitoring, a better understanding of the patient’s cardiac condition, steps to manage the same and much more. Both the patient and the patient’s family are involved in the management and recovery process of these ailments. Our expert staff teaches you to understand how to identify early symptoms so that frequent hospitalization and increased risk can be avoided and the patient can heal at a faster pace. We will assist the patient and the patient’s family in everything, day in and day out. We curate care options based on your preferences, likings and conveniences so as to prepare a comprehensive plan of action to restore good health and well-being.

The post-surgery phase can be stressful for both the patient and the family. Thus, opting for cardiac care at home is a good way to ensure that the patient and patient’s family get well adjusted to the newly prescribed daily routine, diet and medication. Handling all these responsibilities in addition to personal preoccupations can be overwhelming for family members and so, WeCare cardiac care service makes tasks easier for you and takes the burden off your shoulder. We help patients and their families transition into a normal life post the health calamity.

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