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Physiotherapy is a great way to provide relief to elderly people and other individuals suffering from illness, disability or injury. It is often observed that there is a lack of access to physiotherapy amidst the population and so, remain deprived of its benefits in the healing process. At WeCare physiotherapy in Mangalore, services are provided to all. However, there is special physiotherapy for seniors plan that helps tend to the senior citizens who are in need of such treatments. The elderly people are thus helped by primarily reviewing doctor reports, coming up with an appropriate plan of action and then implementing this plan by providing the patient with the best possible physiotherapist, and all this in the comfort of the patient’s own home.

This plan of action helps the elderly get access to the best possible form of treatment and thus recover in the shortest possible time. The treatment process includes exercise routines that the patient can manage to do on one’s own so that pain and discomfort may be mitigated. And this is planned so that in doing so, in being able to treat themselves, they may be able to live in dignity and independence. And physiotherapy at home is a great way to recover. 


Physiotherapy helps restore lost functions in parts of the individual’s body to regain, maintain and increase function, strength and mobility. Physiotherapy as a treatment option makes use of kinesiology, exercise therapy, electrotherapy and manual therapy to treat patients. Consulting a physiotherapist helps the patient recover faster as the physiotherapist knows how the parts of the body function and how these clinical manifestations ought to be dealt with. From back, knee, neck, joint to ligament issues, the physiotherapist at WeCare by providing physiotherapy at home helps the patient get better within no time. For the individuals suffering from Parkinson’s, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy, physiotherapy can heal all kinds of ailments. The process of treatment depends on whether the condition is chronic or acute. 

Best Physiotherapy Care

The benefits of home care nursing and physiotherapy for seniors are great many. A convenience is enabled while personalized care is provided. The healing process occurs faster with physiotherapy at home while mobility issues are curbed. Time management is quite better compared to that of physiotherapy in an external space and this method of physiotherapy at home is also cost efficient. The treatment process also entails family support and supervision and so, there is also a family bond and involvement in the patient’s healing. Gone are the days when finding the perfect physiotherapist was a tedious task. We offer experienced, expert physiotherapists and that too at your doorstep, in the comfort of your home.


Commonly neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular issues and ailments are treated with physiotherapy. Paralysis is one of the disorders that can be classified as a neuromusculoskeletal issue. Thus, with the right kind of physiotherapy that helps enhance and regain lost muscle tone, the patient can be provided with right treatment. Given the current social and cultural scenario, ailments as that of knee pain, back pain, neck pain, ligament issues and so on have become very common among the population. And so, there is a rising need for treatment in order to provide solace and comfort to the patients. In order to meet the treatment needs of these patients there is rising need for physiotherapists. It is indeed very hard to live with prolonged, persistent pain in any part of your body. However, all your worries end here, when you encounter the dedicated services of WeCare physiotherapy in Mangalore.   

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