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Corporate and private security has been a growing need in recent times owing to greater risks and threats in society. It is thus always important to be alert, watchful and be aware of and implement safety measures in one’s private or professional space to avoid any mishaps. However, it is equally important to pick out the right kind of security service that is capable of providing quality protection services and satisfying the needs of the client. Security services in Mangalore are growing with the changing times and our company is known to provide very efficient services. We are a trusted company in the field of security services considering our clients as our first priority.   

WeCare security agency in Karnataka takes pride in providing highly reliable security services to building contractors, apartments, business centres, software companies, hotels, showrooms, banks and educational institutions. Our security guard services in Mangalore are tailor-made to suit your needs and various expectations that you may have from the security services you opt for. Our employees, with vigorous background checks and training are suited to meet the company’s requirements and work on the principles of utmost integrity and honesty. 


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Security in a business is especially necessary and there are great many reasons why one should take the question of security in a business establishment very seriously. 

There are a lot of challenges pertaining to dealing with clients, suppliers, manpower and keeping assets safe. Even in an apartment or event setup, the requirement for security is quite high. Thefts to threats, you don’t have to worry about anything if you associate yourself with the WeCare security agency in Mangalore. Security guards are always assuage all kinds of safety anxieties that you may have. Our experienced and highly reliable team members belong to an ex-defence background or are trained security civilian candidates who are trained thoroughly in all security and safety systems. 

This training process is carried out at the basic, refresher and specialized levels. Basic training schedules and induction are a part of the training process of new entrants and followed by this they undergo specialized and supervisory training.


Listed below are the security services we offer at WeCare. Pick the one that best suits your business.

Manufacturing Plant Security

Whatever your business does, somebody may attempt to stop you or rob your inventions, innovations, concepts and prototypes. The presence of a safety guard will better prevent your manufacturing facility and all its belongings.

Building Security Service

During this period of economic instability, occupying buildings have become more common in many people’s lives. A security guard at your residential or commercial vacant property will prevent that.

Executive Protection

Trade secrets, substantial cash contracts, confidential information and the need to make quick decisions can all make officials a target for assault. Executive Security guard in Mangalore will help you to feel more confident, secure and reduce the risk of injury.

Retail Security Services

Retail stores are likely targets for robbery, but having security guards prevents that and many other crimes. This can help the retail storekeepers to run more efficiently.

Construction site Security

As construction sites are mostly vacant during the night and on weekends, they are targeted for thieves. WeCare Security personnel will safeguard your valuable building commodities from missing.

Hospital Security Services

Sorrow and anxiety can make people respond stupidly. With a security guard at your healthcare facility, you can easily monitor any incident that otherwise might be out of control.

Financial Institution Services

Whenever the economy is tight, financial institutions are at higher risk of theft by desperate refugees seeking for a way to sustain financially. WeCare security guards will also secure financial and educational institutions from these incidents.

Govenment Official Security

Government work is a difficult job, bringing people at risk. Government officials may feel much safer in their day-to-day tasks with armed or unarmed guards.

Event Security Services

Some events cause pressure within the community people will always be there who’re not supporters of your idea. Instead of worrying about spending your event, hiring security guards for the event could let you enjoy the day.

Security Agency in Mangalore

Increased violence in the neighbourhood, illegal activities as a symptom of the times can be very threatening to individuals and can hinder them from living in peace or running a business smoothly. And these fears definitely need to be curbed. That is when WeCare security guard services in Mangalore come into the picture. At times when your company is open to visitation, individuals may stray away into restricted areas that would risk the confidentiality of company information and so on. Thus, opting for security services helps curb these issues and makes sure to prevent visitors from entering restricted areas.    

At WeCare security services Mangalore, we believe that without the right supervision, the quality of security services undoubtedly comes down to compromising on the gratification that clients deserve. Even the best training without supervision proves to go all in vain. That is why at WeCare, we have Field Officers, Supervisors, Night Field Officers and also a Security Service Manager in order to mitigate this possibility and ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the operations. A system of random inspection is in place at different points of time in order to keep a watch on all the posts. In these inspections, any discrepancy that comes into light is immediately reported and appropriate action is taken to work it out. These action plans are then implemented by the Area Manager. Weekly and monthly meetings are made a part of the functioning system to review services for further improvement.

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