Nanny Care At Home

Nanny Childcare

Customized ChildCare

Our Nanny is hired by parents to provide customized, personalized and attentive care to the couple’s children in the family’s private home or anywhere required. Nannies meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the children in their care.

Nannies do more than entertain the children; they engage them by providing age-appropriate activities to enjoy together. On a typical day with his nanny, your child may enjoy a walk to the park, a play date with group of similarly aged friends, a nutritious lunch, a few stories and a restful afternoon nap. These types of intentional interactions increase language and social skills, provide an opportunity for children to safely explore their environments and build the foundation for self-discipline.

Unlike in a daycare setting where caregivers must focus on all the needs of all the children, a nanny is only concerned with your children. Since nannies care for children in their own homes, they aren’t exposed to the myriad of germs and infectious diseases found in daycare settings, which means lesser visits to the doctor’s clinic and lesser prescriptions of antibiotics.

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