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Palliative Care

Cancer diagnosis is the most feared diagnosis in an individual’s life and could bring with it absolute mental, emotional and physical distress and can be extremely challenging for the patient and the patient’s loved ones. There is a constant fear of an emergency striking up and having to visit the hospital, so the patient and mostly the patient’s family need to be alert and on-toes day in and day out to identify these warning signs and act before it is too late. In addition to this, there is the process of treatment involving chemotherapy, hospital visits, clinical interventions, follow ups and other requirements that could be harrowing and bring a sense of aversion and denial on the part of the patient and to some extent on the patient’s family.

However, it gets quite hard for the patient’s loved ones to balance between personal and professional lives and be available day in and day out to tend to the patient and the patient’s requirements. Thus, WeCare palliative care services in Mangalore could help out patients and their families in dealing with these problems.  

Palliative care at home helps relieve the symptoms, side effects, physical and emotional toll a diagnosis has on individual. However, the provision of palliative care at home does not in any way equal the primary care that is being provided for the illness. It only aims to minimize the symptoms that could drain the life of the patient. These life-draining symptoms could be physical pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional effects like anxiety and depression that are caused in the treatment process undergoing chemotherapy. Palliative care thus focuses on improving the patient’s quality of life as the patient tackles and battles with the chronic illness.

Palliative Care At Home

Best Palliative Care Service

There are various benefits provided under our package of palliative care in Mangalore. Palliative care at home improves communication between the patient and health care providers. In the comfort of their home, the patients are able to open up, identify their needs, discomforts, problems and fears. With this identification and a great bond that develops between them and their caregivers, they are able to communicate their concerns and thus, caregivers and doctors can steer the course of the treatment process accordingly. In this way, the patient is more involved in the treatment process than that of in a general hospital setting. And so, the treatment options and symptom management methods are communicated effectively to the patient, with the patient’s involvement. Palliative care at home helps relieve pain and discomfort caused by symptoms such as nausea and shortness of breath.

The process of chemotherapy can be extremely harrowing for the patient for it brings with it constant nausea, extreme fatigue, weight loss, reduced appetite and most of all a dread that makes the patient fear the intensity of the upcoming chemotherapy session. We understand these common yet important concerns for the patients and patient’s family thereby at WeCare palliative care in Mangalore, we work to mitigate these concerns and make the process of healing smooth and beautiful causing very minimal discomfort. Palliative care at home improves coordination of care with health care providers, the patient and family at the same time meeting the emotional needs of the patient.

These uncertain times post the diagnosis of terminal illnesses and the consequent treatment can take a toll on mental health causing anxiety, depression and other emotional imbalances. Our caregivers thus, tend to the patient’s emotional needs and provide much-needed support and relief to them at the same time tending to the spiritual needs of the patient. So, at WeCare palliative care services in Mangalore, we’ve got all your palliative care needs covered.

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