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With the changing times and lifestyle there is constant chaos in the lives of individuals. The shortage of time, coupled with myriad responsibilities makes it hard for people to manage everything by themselves. There would be the elderly, infirm and dependent to take care of. However, no matter how much one might want to help out and take care of their loved ones, there are always hardships faced balancing personal, professional lives and other commitments. That is when we step in. At WeCare home health care services in Mangalore, we ensure that all your needs are met as we take over your responsibilities of caretaking in the domestic space. 

We provide adults, infirm and the elderly with the personal care they need, curating appropriate packages that accommodate all their requirements all at the same time preserving their dignity, making them feel independent, treating them with much-needed love, care and affection. Our health care at home package focusses on enhancing the quality of life of patients that we sign up to assist. Daily activities though seemingly insignificant are a very important part of individual life and require a lot of time and attention. Therefore, we make sure that these tasks are taken care of – from bathing, grooming to medication reminders and much more, our home care assistance is constant. The WeCare home care services in Mangalore package provides you with access to skilled care, all in the comfort of your home. The services provided include medical and personal care to help loved ones recover at home, get rid of chronic pain, injury and illness and adapt to a better state of life. 

Home Health Care

Best Home Health Care Services

Our home care assistance includes services as that of day-to-day assistance in mobility needs, maintaining hygiene in patients, feeding and taking care of elderly patients as well as patients recovering from surgeries that are done to mitigate complex medical issues. We also monitor and manage the course of medication and ensure that the patient receives timely and effective doses of medicines. Drugs are administered, medical dressing is done, vaccination needs are met and other nursing help is provided at home. Our experienced and highly qualified caregivers monitor all necessary patient care activities and track the patient’s progress. These times of infirmity can be physically and emotionally draining. So, our health care at home package also includes the fact that caregivers turn out to be excellent companions to the patient and patient’s family, helping out when the patient needs them the most.

WeCare home health care services in Mangalore go out of their way to bring to the patient, myriad services – nursing care with services as that of dressing wounds, ostomy care, administering IV and medication, monitoring general health, pain therapy and so on. Our doctor care services aim at having the doctor, our caregivers and the patient’s family on the same plane throughout the caregiving process. In case if needed, we also provide physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy so that patients may through our home care assistance, re-learn the performance of day-to-day activities, speech or recover after an injury. Our medical social services consist of focussing on mental health wherein the patient is provided with counselling and therapy for emotional recuperation. 

Home health aides are provided at WeCare home health care services in Mangalore so that patients can be helped with personal activities, while others may also help maintain the house, prepare meals and indulge in other forms of housekeeping. Our home care assistance extends to people of all ages – from children to the elderly. The patients who stay alone would be provided with companions so that they may not feel alone and isolated and can develop a bond with their caregiver, communicate better, feel safe and recover faster. 

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