Intensive Care Services

Intensive Care

The aftermath of a hospital visit can be quite draining; there’s always an inherent fear of the ailment recurring. The patient is in a quite delicate state of health and needs to be given extreme care and constant observation. Also, chronically ill patients who wish to be treated in the comfort of their home might require intensive care services. These healthcare services require a lot of high-end medical equipment, trained staff and experts to keep track of patient health. Thus, our company WeCare provides intensive care in Mangalore. We have a great team comprising of ICU nurses, physiotherapists, caregivers, respiratory therapists and others who can efficiently manage the process of caregiving to chronically ill patients, the ones who need monitoring, close care and nursing with the use of high-end medical equipment. Patients who require ventilator support, BIPAP/CPAP support, post-surgery care, post-cardiac ailment care and even end of life care.

Intensive care at home is cost efficient as well and costs about 50% of the hospital ICU costs and also helps the patient recover faster in the comfort of their home. Intensive care services provided by WeCare also reduce the risk of infections that could be acquired in hospitals. We provide customized services as per the condition of the patient. In the initial encounter, we have a close examination of the patient’s condition and then devise a comprehensive care plan or end of life care plan and present it to our clients. If the client finds the plan satisfactory, the client may opt for these services. WeCare assures the provision of the best intensive care in Mangalore.

Best Intensive Care at Home

Patients who are in serious need of care that involves medical equipment to be operated by healthcare professionals or experts; intensive care services at home benefits these patients. Cancer patients undergoing the treatment process may require constant care and support from intensive care nurses. Elderly people who are in the final stages of life and wish to be among their loved ones, the patients who need to be monitored constantly, the ones who are terminally ill, for the ones who require the administration of medicines, WeCare intensive care Mangalore benefits them.   

We are in constant touch with doctors, medical experts and healthcare professionals so as to be able to train our staff and curate packages that are beneficial to suit the needs of our clients. When there are no active interventions to be done, even hospitals advice that such intensive care can be provided at home. This kind of package is best suited for patients with respiratory and neurological diseases and may take a long duration to recover and heal. In these cases, medical device support would be required and so, trained nurses provide specialized care and support to these patients. Thereby, it is best to opt for WeCare intensive care Mangalore and avail of our dedicated services.

We offer the best-in-class intensive care in Mangalore along with that of the best quality devices. Our staff offers continuous monitoring and we gain patient progress graphs, recovery data and any kind of untoward symptoms that need to be watched out for. Only with the suggestion of the doctor, a patient can be determined to be suited or not suited for intensive care at home. Once the doctor approves, our specialists take over and execute the care plan with utmost dedication. The family, in all these aspects, is closely involved in the caregiving process. We understand that you are concerned about the health and well being of your loved ones and so, we always prioritize you and keep you in the loop so that you may be confident that your loved one is in safe hands.

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