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Elderly Care

The tedium and stress that accompanies the process of choosing the perfect old age care service in Mangalore is not something unknown. Amidst all the available care options, it can be quite overwhelming to pick one or trust someone who is unknown. Entrusting your loved ones into another individual’s care isn’t easy at all. At WeCare we believe in making this selection process hassle free and contented. Opting for Wecare’s old age care at home, gives your loved ones the advantage of living an assisted yet dignified life in the comfort of their home, at the same time giving them a feeling of independence all through the process.

In an archaic setup, within the confines of a joint family, the task of caregiving was entrusted to the youngest members of the family. With the rise of nuclear families and a fast paced, competitive, industrial life, it is indeed difficult to balance between the domestic and professional space all at the same time. And that is when WeCare comes in to provide a solution. Through the provision of quite many elaborative and preventive health management solutions, we tend to all client needs helping the elderly manage to live in the best possible state, both physically and mentally.

At a certain point in life, members of families, relatives and caregivers find a need for help in order to be able to care well for the aged and dependent. In this phase, the most oft sought alternative is old age care at home. There could be various ailments that elderly people suffer from. In addition, there would be many such routine requirements that they would need assistance in. For instance, in the case of the elderly suffering from dementia, our elder care service in Mangalore makes sure to provide care in a manner that creates a conducive space for the elderly to live in the safety of their own homes and at the same time stay active and healthy for as long as possible.

Old Age Care Service

Our commitment to elder care is unwavering! We stick by the ethic of taking care of your loved ones as one would take care of their own family. And so WeCare specializes in providing customized senior home care/elder care services so as to ensure that your loved ones know that they are loved, valued and cared for. The primary motto of our old age care at home is to make room for your loved ones to age independently, gracefully, and comfortably in the space of their very own home instead of withering away in the confines of old age homes.

As one of the leading elder care services in Mangalore, the WeCare elder care service package includes caregiving in the form of monitoring heart rate and blood pressure, caring for wounds from injury or surgery, managing IVs and catheters, providing physical and cognitive therapies, educating patients and caregivers and providing companionship. We offer to completely take over the task of providing assistance in activities of daily living as that of dressing, bathing, feeding, toilet, grooming, oral care, walking or using a wheelchair and providing companionship.

Caregiving is indeed a task of noble privilege and we take pride in our expertise and commitment to offer senior care in Mangalore with utmost dedication, skill and reasonable pricing. WeCare is well-equipped to meet all your elder care needs, and all under one package. Our monthly trial offer makes it all the more easier for you to choose the right fit for the caregiving process of your loved ones. For all your old age care needs and queries, WeCare is just the place!    

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