Cancer Care Services At Home

Cancer Care Services At Home

Cancer Care

The diagnosis of cancer and allied ailments can be absolutely challenging, draining the patient and patient’s family emotionally, mentally and physically, in ways unimaginable. The process of cure entails several rounds of chemotherapy, hospital visits, clinical interventions, follow-up visits to the doctor and many other unforeseen medical emergencies and procedures. This could in many cases cause the patient to feel a sense of denial towards the healing process. And when family members get helpless and cannot do anything to reverse or control the situation, it brings in stress, tedium and anxiety for them. The level of balancing between personal and professional lives, watching loved ones suffer takes a toll on everything in general. And all of this can be mitigated by opting for cancer care at home so that the burden and stress looming over everyone is lessened.      

Thus, WeCare cancer care service in Mangalore works to provide much-needed relief to cancer patients and their families by taking on the task of caregiving and helping out in routine activities where the patients may need assistance. We understand that these are difficult times that demand a lot of strength, faith and hope on the part of the patient and patient’s family. There is an increased need for patients to feel comfortable within the realm of their homes, be with family and loved ones and gain a sense of being loved and cared for as they undergo the harrowing and daunting treatment process. By choosing to go for cancer care at home, the patients amidst familiar settings tend to feel emotionally stronger than that of a place that is foreign to them. Emotional well-being is a very important factor in the healing process and so at WeCare cancer care in Mangalore we strive to give your loved ones just that.

Best Cancer Care Services

Our specialized cancer care at home package enables the patient to receive their specialist’s attention even in the comfort of the patient’s home. There is constant supervision by trained medical professionals, caregivers and nurses. The healing process can be hindered if there is no follow up or a lack of continuity in the monitoring process. So, under our specialized cancer care at home package, we have everything under control as the patient and the patient’s requirements are our topmost priority. We indulge in caregiving without the patient having to visit the hospital several times. Frequent hospital visits for cancer patients can be frightening and a constant reminder of their diagnosis. 

The bond between the patient and the doctor is a very crucial factor in the patient’s healing process. Thus, we make sure to be a link between the patient and patient’s doctor throughout the healing process. At WeCare cancer care service in Mangalore, we ensure to monitor and keep track of the patient’s health condition and progress on a daily basis and coordinate with the doctors so that the best treatment method can be incorporated to make the patient’s recovery process better and smooth. The treatment brings with it a lot of side effects and clinical complications for which the patients may have to visit the hospital setup frequently. But we under our specialized cancer care at home package, bridge this gap and make sure the patients receive all forms of care at home and only may have to make a hospital visit in case of an unavoidable emergency.

Our trained staff monitors all vital signs, pulse, blood pressure, and temperature, recording each factor closely so that these can be accessed at any point of time. This kind of monitoring helps check on signs of danger and early symptoms that could be signaling towards greater danger. Thus, for all your cancer care concerns, choose WeCare cancer care in Mangalore.

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