How To Plan Security For an Event

How to Plan Security for an Event?

An event, no matter small or large has a lot at stake. It is a great ROI for the organizers, attendees, venue as well as security providers. But it can also attract calamity at any time. An event is only as safe as its security cover and plan.

Event security is not just limited to placing security personnel in and around the venue. There is far more that goes into providing effective security for a venue. It is quite a complex process requiring extensive coordination and communication.

So it is vital to know How to Plan Security for an Event and following the right security practices will ensure the safety of your guests and staff irrespective of any untoward instance taking place or not. Besides, a well-planned security management team is a pre-emptive strike to prevent any damage to the venue or property.

What does Event Security do?

Event security may be provided by a private security guard company or by the local government operative or law enforcement personnel. Their chief goal is to make your events safe and secure. There are several things that event security is responsible for and here are some of their duties to explain what does event security do?

Event security guards are trained personnel, tailor-made to prevent criminal activities and safety hazards. They identify, monitor, and report security-related incidents for real-time analysis and check on security threats.

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Importance of Security at Events:

Security for events is one of the first things on the the-to-do list while planning an event. It is not an unfamiliar topic to be discussed but rather is an integral part of the event. The techniques, practices, and technology for providing a safe and secure environment for an even have constantly developed over the years. This does not mean the threats have been eliminated.

Thus the Importance of security at events cannot be understated. One cannot ignore the fact that terrorist attacks can occur at any event which attracts a lot of crowds. It is only naïve to believe that one can reduce all risks to zero. Therefore it is very important to have security at events that do not ignore any possible risk or threat which like an accident, can happen anytime, anywhere.

Event Security Plan:

An event security plan is not two different things. In other words, an event and its security plans go hand in glove and are not created separately. The event security plan is developed under the clear directions of the event manager. The planning also takes into consideration identifiable risks, budget constraints, and the minimum requirements for events as per the local rules.

An event security plan and several criteria to fulfill to become an effective event security plan. A variety of information is required for the security companies to create a security plan. The details required include

  Event nameLocation: venue, event setup
  Times: pack in, event, pack outSeason: Summer, winter,
  Estimated crowdTarget audience
  Entertainment: type of musicEvent history
  • Venue constraints. for example, porous venues may need full fencing
  • Information on other similar events being held in the same area
  • Budget

Lastly, the security plan has to be agreed upon by the event management and the security provider. The expectations of both parties have to be met. Yet, there are chances that some events might compromise the objectives of the plan. This usually occurs either due to using an ineffective security plan or due to the poor execution of the plan by the security provider.

Event Security Tips:

Crime is time immemorial and so has been the threat for any event. Besides keeping the guests and the venue safe, security also has you covered in case of an injury to the guest, Property damage, crowd control, troublesome guests, and any unexpected situations.

Hence, you must have a concrete security plan for an event and also manage to implement it flawlessly. It is worth noting that security types vary according to the size, scope, location, and type of event. Be as a host or the security provider, your primary concern is the safety of your guests. Here are some Event security tips to bear in mind while planning and executing the perfect event security plan.

  • Know all the entry points of the venue, porous and otherwise. Porous refers to unauthorized entry points into the venue which can be something like a window that can be opened from the outside.
  • Check if any guests or attendees may pose a risk to the event. Yes impossible to run a background check on all guests but one should not fail to identify possible risks. Be suspicious of attendees buying bulk tickets. They may be planning a protest for fellow disruptors.
  • Any crowd has the potential for something wrong to occur so the security staff needs to be comfortable with exerting authority and controlling the crowd. It is also vital to ensure the crowd does not exceed the venue’s max capacity.
  • Use personal bag checks and body scanners to avert any possible large-scale attack. Big crowds are easy and soft targets so it is necessary to have professional security teams to look for improvised weapons if any.
  • Effective communication implies effective implementation so the security staff needs to be in constant communication through a walkie-talkie. Third-party security details may not communicate but they must communicate and highlight any suspicious activity without choosing direct confrontation.
  • Use visible security measures. Showing the existence of security personnel and security cams deters potential agitators from acting out their plan. Hiding the security measures can embolden a disruptor while visible security measures can deter them.
  • It is important to collect the basic information of attendees like name, date of birth, and address in order to confirm their identity.


In conclusion, it is very important to Plan Security for an Event and makes use of event security guards. It must be borne in mind that the success of an event is only possible with an effective event security plan and its proper implementation. No stone can be left unturned in this arena and nothing is done until the event is done according to the plan.

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