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10 Types of Security Guards You Must Know


  • Why is hiring security guards important?
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When it comes to the safety of property or person, people often never make compromises. Ensuring the protection of your belongings is a top priority, especially in an uncertain world like ours. Hiring security guards has become a popular choice amongst citizens. Types of Security guards offer personal protection of life and property thereby giving a sense of safety and assurance.

Why is Hiring Security Guards Important?

As mentioned above, security guards provide a sense of safety and assurance. However, many may argue that CCTV cameras and locks can provide better safety to a property rather than the services of a security guard. While CCTV cameras and locks may be security deterrents, they are not completely effective.

CCTV cameras are usually effective after the crime is committed and is used by the police department to track the movements of the criminal.

On the other hand, alert security guards can completely prevent a crime from taking place. Let’s look at some of the reasons why security guards are important.

1. Crime deterrent

Robbers who target lonely homes may avoid homes that are protected by security personnel. In fear of being caught by the security guards, thieves usually do not attack homes or residential property that is well guarded by security guards.

2. Human perception

Another reason why hiring a watchman is important is that, unlike CCTV cameras, security guards are human and are sensitive to sound, light or movement. Watchmen on the lookout will be able to hear faint sounds at a distance and be alert.

3. Communication

An advantage of hiring security guards is that communication is possible. Owners will be able to successfully communicate to security guards and vice versa.

Communication is an important part of human nature. Without communication, people will not be able to convey messages across. Security guards can be very helpful even in emergency situations, as they are on lookout even at odd hours of the night.

4. Personal protection

A security guard or bodyguards may be able to keep you safe from unruly crowds or mobs. Popular personalities usually have bodyguards or security personnel to keep the crowds at a safe distance.

5. Labour intensive industry

Hiring security guards provides jobs to thousands of people around the world, thereby turning out to be a labour intensive industry.

Types of Security Guards

Though the underlying aim is the safety and well being of property and person, there are different types of security guards that are used for different occasions or under various circumstances. Here is a list of the different types of security guards based on their roles.

1. Armed guards

Armed guards require special training and arm licensing in order to be qualified under this category of security guards. You can notice such guards outside banks and other high risk properties.

2. Residential property guards

Residential property guards are another type of security guards that are attentive and alert but do not possess arms for protection. They are usually seen outside residential buildings and homes and provide protection to the residents of the home.

Apart from deterring thieves from entering the buildings, they also keep a record of visitors and cars within the compound.

3. Bouncers

Security guards are casually known as bouncers when they are placed at areas where there is risk. Bouncers are able bodied and can usually be seen guarding night pubs and bars where crowds may get unruly.

4. Commercial building guards

Another type of watchman are watchman for commercial properties like malls and offices. These guards often patrol through the building and keep an eye out for anything that is out of the ordinary.

Security guards hired for commercial complexes may not be stationed at one particular place and may have to walk through aisles and parking lots.

Commercial security guards can also be located at a particular point like entrances and ensure the credibility of people walking into the commercial complex. Jewellery stores and retail outlets hire security guards for the safe monitoring of the space.

5. Event security personnel

One of the reasons why it is important to hire security guards is that security guards provide safety during large events and gatherings. Event security personnel are hired to keep control of large crowds for public or private events. Musical concerts, dance shows and other gatherings which attract mammoth crowds at the venue are controlled by well trained event security personnel.

6. Bodyguards

On a more personal front, another type of security guard are bodyguards that are hired for the personal protection of the being. Usually, popular personalities from the entertainment industry, VIPs, politicians and heads of corporate giants, hire personal bodyguards to protect themselves from mobs and crowds. These bodyguards are specially trained and highly alert at all times.

7. Public or Government security personnel

This type of security guards provides protection to Government buildings and are often precisely trained for months before being appointed. As Government buildings are sensitive to external threats, this type of security guards is usually armed and are combat trained.

You can notice Government security guards at the entrance of important buildings like the Parliament House or Court rooms.

8. In house security guards

In house guards are usually employed directly by the party hiring them. They become a part of the employment scheme granted to all other employees. For example, a corporate house or company may employ personnel, train them and hire them as security guards to keep their property safe.

Usually, in house security guards are subject to similar payment schemes like provident funds and other taxes that are offered to other employees in the company

9. Contract Security

One of the most popular types of security guards are the security guards that are hired on a contract basis. Here, an agency well versed in training security personnel will offer the right type of security to suit your requirements.

Here, customers who wish to hire watchmen contact the security agency that provides them with able bodied, well trained, and trusted security guards. This is a popular method of hiring security personnel because clients can rest assured that the security guards hired are well trained and are able to perform their duties to the maximum.

10. Plain clothes security

Security guards are usually uniformed in formal clothing in order to be able to assert their authority. However, sometimes plain clothes security guards are hired by customers so that they blend with the crowd but at the same time able to keep an attentive eye and look out for trouble.


Hiring security guards for the safety of your property and personal being has become an important part of life today. The crime rate in India is around 2.95 for every 100K population. Hiring security guards provides a sense of assurance that you are safe at all times.

It is important to hire skilled security guards that will be able to provide complete security for your property and loved ones at all times. WeCare, a leading security services in Mangalore offers a range of well trained security guards to suit your needs. With a rigorous training program and a meticulous fitness regime, security guards from WeCare security services are regarded as the most able and competent in their field of work.

WeCare security services provide specially trained security personnel on a temporary basis for events or on a contractual basis for residential buildings and commercial stores.

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